Are you Kosher, Struggling to lose weight ?

If this sounds like you, watch this video NOW!

Does THIS Sound Familiar?

Does THIS Sound Familiar?

  • You're tired of putting on unwanted weight during the holidays.

  • You hate feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

  • You only know how to make healthy food that is bland and tasteless.

  • You wake up in the morning sluggish and have little energy all day.

  • You're frustrated that even though you are careful all week, you see the challah and cake on Shabbos and you feel like you are starting all over again.

  • Shabbos catering already overwhelms you. The idea of a healthy Shabbos seems like an insurmountable task!



Kosher & Crushing It

A 12-week kosher weight loss and wellness program

*customized for gluten-free if needed



- Are you ready to add yourself and your health to your to-do list?


- Are you ready to make YOU a priority?


- Kosher AND Healthy Gluten-Free eating CAN be easy.


- The program is led by a coach who understands your lifestyle!


Listen to this to find out the solution!


Hi, I'm Jamie. 

A dietitian for over 20 years and a two-timed published author

I'm a Kosher and Gluten-Free busy mom. I am incredibly passionate about helping people use food to find and maintain a healthy ecosystem within their bodies. 

As a Mom of 4 teenage girls... I am constantly figuring out cooking hacks so I can prepare healthy and delicious Kosher AND Gluten-Free meals for my family while spending AS LITTLE time in the kitchen as possible. 

Let me help you:

  • Remove the stress from your kitchen and your family life
  • Make cooking fun and easy
  • Enjoy a peaceful Shabbat.  


Kosher & Crushing It:


A 12-week weight loss and wellness program

Sign up today and get exclusive access to


 β‡οΈ Weekly live meetings for coaching, education and a step by step plan to lose weight and improve your wellness

❇️ Weekly menus, recipes, and shopping lists 

❇️ Free family-friendly cookbook

❇️ 7-day week support with Jamie, and a private community for accountability through a private Whats App Group   



L'chaim! I am excited to sign up!

Kosher & Crushing It will have you...

βœ… waking up and feeling alert each day

βœ… experiencing increased energy throughout the day

βœ… fitting into your pre-covid clothes

βœ… feeling your mood improved 

βœ… strengthening your immune system

What's Included ?

Here's How It Works

Well, ladies, I can’t cook the food for you… but I can offer you the next best thing: a done-for-you system that makes Kosher and Gluten-Free living easy-for-you. 

βœ… Are you ready to eat food that will promote the weight loss you are dreaming of?

βœ… Would it be nice to get back hours of your time by taking meal and grocery list planning off of your plate? 

βœ… Is it a priority to make your life easier while also enjoying good health and delicious Kosher AND Gluten-Free nutrition? 

βœ… Do you want your family to thrive? 


Well, you can have all of that, and more, for ONLY $990! 

No, that's not a typo!  


I know what you’re thinking… Pinterest is free. But can Pinterest give you these? 


β–Ά Done-for-you Kosher AND Gluten-Free weekly dinner menus (including tips for Shabbat menus) delivered every Sunday that have been prepared for you by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who also happens to be a busy, Kosher, Gluten-Free Mom. (Valued at $525.00/month)

β–Ά Done-for-you Kosher AND Gluten-Free shopping lists that make grocery shopping simple. No more spending hours Pinterest-ing recipes, coming up with Kosher substitutions, and then desperately searching for the right products. (Valued at $175.00/month)

β–Ά Weekly live instruction to help you learn HOW to make cooking easy, ask all your Kosher and Gluten-Free menu questions, or get food ideas and inspiration. Instead of looking all over the Internet for help and not getting it, just bring your questions here. (Valued at $350.00/month)

β–Ά Access to a private WhatsApp community of other Kosher AND Gluten-Free moms — because no, you are not alone. Despite the incredibly limited amount of Kosher and Gluten-Free options out there, we’re actually a large part of the tribe. And we all want one thing — to lose weight and stop stressing about preparing healthy food. (To know you’re not alone and have constant support… priceless.)

β–Ά A FREE Cookbook, so you have Kosher AND Gluten-Free options at your fingertips when life tries to change your meal plan.  (Valued at $18.99)


βœ… 7-day detox plan (valued at $197)

βœ… 3 (1:1) coaching sessions with Jamie (valued at $450)


Total Value $1,715.99

Your Price $990


I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for a good deal. What is your health, and your family’s health worth to you? What are your time, energy, and stress worth to you? 

If the answer is priceless, then for only $990, you have only the cost of a bad Kosher Gluten-Free takeout meal to lose… and EVERYTHING to gain. 

Are you ready to get out of the kitchen and get back to living? 

Registration is open only for 3 weeks, so don't be left out...

Kosher and Gluten-Free sound so difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Kosher and Gluten-Free living can be easy… and in Kosher & Crushing It… it is. 

Check out the love from some of my clients...

“I absolutely love Jamie's cookbook! She's even won over my husband, who is not very adventurous about trying new things. This past week we made the zucchini noodles and sausage, the slow-cooked shredded chicken Mexican style, and the one-pan chicken and veggies. It would be impossible to pick a favorite. Her recipes are all so easy to make and incredibly delicious. It is a relief for me to provide healthy meals to my family and not feel so guilty about cooking the same things all the time. It feels good knowing that we are starting to model healthier eating habits for our toddlers, who can be quite picky. I know they will come around and am excited to be able to offer them better food choices now! I can't wait for Jamie's next cookbook!” - Amy M.


“Joining this community is the easiest way to feed your busy family great food that saves you time!" - April B. 


 "Jamie is very inspiring and creative. I love her recipes" - Sharon B.


“Thanks, Jamie, for helping me achieve success with my health goals. You were easy to work with and available when I needed some guidance. I could not have done it without you.” - Douglas S.


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